Kikun Osupa consists of three friends that discovered a shared love for Afro-cuban batá drumming. Following their instincts, they decided to go together on a musical trip around the rhythms of the Afro-cuban Oru Seco. Exploring the countless rhythms of one of Cuba’s most popular and beloved tradition, Kikun Osupa remains true to its percussive passion. The trio reflects a unique personality, always wanting to learn, respect, share and evolve more. Their respectful study of a century old tradition and their innovative thinking has brought Afro-cuban batá drumming to another level of expression.


Nueve Rayos is a salsa band founded by percussionist and drummer Erik Larrea, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The band performs folkloric and popular music from different Caribbean cultures, presenting many Cuban music styles, including Afro-Cuban folklore, Son, Boleros, Chachachá, Songo and Timba; Puerto Rican, Colombian and New York City Salsa styles and Latin Jazz, among others.
During a performance, Nueve Rayos is able to present a diverse repertoire of different Caribbean music styles, in a professional, elegant and entertaining atmosphere, portraying musical traditions from the Latin-Caribbean region.
The meaning of the band’s name is ‘nine lightnings’ making reference to its nine members. Each of whom are ready and charged with energy to make the world dance!


Apacáy quintet plays a wide variety of music styles that come from South-America. From Brazilian samba to Argentinean chacarera and Peruvian landó, from Colombian cumbia to Cuban boleros and Son. The quintet started in the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts, from a collaboration of musicians with a passion for music from South-America. The quintet plays their own arrangements of famous pieces from these Latin folkloric styles and mixes influences from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba. A beautiful program full of warm sounds and exotic rhythms!

HUAI HUAI / 胡艾胡艾

Born in Guangzhou, China, from a collaboration between contemporary dancer Julia Gómez Avilés (GomA*) and percussionist Erik Larrea, HuAi HuAi (胡艾胡艾) embodies the deep connection of movement and sound, or in other words, dance and music. With intensive, dynamic and expressive moments, HuAi HuAi explores the theatrical approach of percussion and dance from a contemporary perspective.
The duo’s name is a result of the combination of the first characters of their Chinese names, Huliya ( 胡丽娅 ) and Airuike ( 艾瑞克 ), which represents a new identity built from their shared experience in China.


The SUPU Percussion group brings you all sorts of rhythms: spicy ones, funky ones, relaxing ones, tasty ones… Be prepared for a versatile and diverse performance with some of the best percussionists of Guangzhou, China. The group was created in the midst of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and represents a stronghold for World percussion in South China, performing mainly in the Pearl River Delta area.